TotalReminder 8.2
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TotalReminder 8.2

Feature-rich event reminder to never forget an important date or task
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Meetings, recurring tasks, passwords, birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments, exams, etc., they all tend to pile up on our memory until it can’t take any more. We start forgetting some of them. TotalReminder is a feature-rich tool specifically designed to give our memory a rest. It comes with all the tools, utilities, and functions we need to never forget an important date, appointment, or event.

We could define TotalReminder as a series of databases associated to a perpetual calendar and to a number of alarms or reminders. Add to this a number of useful tools to calculate a certain date, to time your tasks, to generate passwords, or to find out the sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world, and you’ll end up with a powerful personal agenda that will remind you of any event in the database in exactly the way you prefer.

The first thing you have to do is populate the various databases. You will find one for contacts, one for events and their associated alarms, one to schedule the execution of certain programs, one for personal logs, one for personal information of any kind (complete with keywords), one for notes, and another one for your passwords. This one is securely protected by a master password that encrypts all those in the database, and which is the only password you’ll have to remember from now on. Adding new items to any of these databases is simple and easy, as it usually follows a similar pattern. The entry forms open in a new window where you’ll find an “Add” button that will let you create a new entry. Existing items can also be edited and deleted from here if needed. Data can also be imported to the contacts or events databases in various ways, backed up to the cloud (or restored from it) for extra security, and synchronized with other copies of TotalReminder in other computers or devices.

To work correctly, you have to link the various databases in meaningful and logical reminding tasks – i.e., associate an event in the future to a contact and assign an alarm to it. Alternatively, you can also document events and dates by adding notes and/or logs to them. Looking at the program’s many features and functions, you may find this to be a very simplistic way of explaining how TotalReminder works, but actually, this is the core of what the program does, and add-ons extend their main functionality. Among those add-ons, you will find very useful utilities and tools and some others that I personally found less interesting. Those I labeled as “terribly useful” include the countdown timer and stopwatch, the date calculator, and the password generator. Among the “expendable” ones, I’d mention the days’ name manager, the sunset/sunrise times for nearly any big city in the world, together with some other more or less details about the corresponding country.

Once installed on your system, you will find it very hard to manage all your appointments and important dates and events without it. Its extremely short learning curve and its clear and intuitive interfaces will take over your agenda and your memory in just the time it takes you to populate and sync the various databases.

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  • Clear calendar view
  • Intuitive tabbed interface
  • Detailed contact and event entries
  • App launch scheduler
  • Password generator
  • Date calculator
  • Versatile timer


  • More filters for contacts and events would enhance the search experience


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